Display Details From Every Round at Your Rodeo

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Everyone at a rodeo wants to be in the loop, but the roar of the crowd and bright lights can make it difficult to hear the announcer and see the scoreboard. That's where you can use event video equipment and event audio equipment from FrostView Productions based in Ogden, IA. Our LED board can display all the information from the arena and help your audience enjoy their night.

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How you can use our equipment

How you can use our equipment

Wondering if our equipment will work for your rodeo? We offer exceptional equipment that looks amazing. With our help, you can:

  • Show images and information clearly
  • Display real-time results of your event
  • Reach an entire audience with our audio equipment

We specialize in high-definition audio and visual equipment, so you'll have great quality for your displays. Speak to our owner today about renting event video equipment.